How do I get a friend to spend 16 hours in a Bible study?

AHEAAt the AHEA convention over the weekend, there was a gentleman who was keen on the Worldview Rethink curriculum. He had a friend in mind who knew nothing about the Bible. He was interested in how Worldview Rethink takes a creation to Christ approach to lay down biblical foundations.

“This sounds like a long study,” he said. “How much time would I need to teach a friend?”

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Worldview Rethink curriculum: a handy gospel tool for parents

Worldview Rethink Curriculum

It is important for moms and dads to ground their families in God’s Word. But many parents (especially fathers) are so busy providing, that it’s difficult to find time to share the truths of God’s Word with their children. Many parents also haven’t had the training to feel comfortable teaching the Bible. Where should they start? How do they handle questions about death, Christ’s substitutionary sacrifice, and faith? How can they lead their children to understand that they need a Saviour? Sometimes parents are not sure they have the answers, let alone the time it takes to teach their children.

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It’s a shame I didn’t understand as a teenager. I might not have rebelled.

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We received a note from Jane* about her sister. This is her note:

Recently my sister, Sue,* has been inquisitive about God and the Bible. I suggested that she read, The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus. She told me she couldn’t put it down! She wrote me an email and I was so moved and thankful in my heart for God’s working in her life. Here is what my sister wrote:

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Tools to overcome your fear of sharing the gospel

Worldview Rethink Workshop in Edmonton, Alberta

On Saturday, we held a Worldview Rethink Workshop at Bethel Gospel Church. It was a wonderful time with close to 90 participants from in and around Edmonton. We had five different staff share on how a regular believer can cultivate a lifelong lifestyle of sharing the gospel.

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One Pastor’s Vision

Worldview Rethink Course

We introduced our Worldview Rethink curriculum during our Open House in August last year. One of our guests was a pastor from a small town in Alberta, Canada. He caught a vision of how the Worldview Rethink curriculum could help his congregation be grounded in the Gospel. He gathered several sets of curriculum and called together a group of men from his church to form a Bible study group. Then he personally taught them through the curriculum.

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What’s good follow-up material for “The Lamb”?

The Lamb, DVD edition and audio edition

We received a question from a father who had just read The Lamb to his eight-year-old daughter.

I just wanted to thank you for The Lamb. I have recently read it with my eight-year-old over several weeks and during our conversations she came to
 trust on Jesus as her Savior. Love the book. I had a question about any next 
step overview of the Bible-type resources you might have. Thanks.


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Which book do I use?

"The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus" and "By This Name"
“The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus” and “By This Name”

We get a number of questions from people each week asking us how to use our tools. We want to share some of the most helpful questions and answers with you.

Hi GoodSeed,

I am beginning a work with a group of First Nations people. Some in this group have expressed interest in doing a study about the Bible. I am going to use either The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus or By This Name but am undecided as to which would be more effective.

The audience will be mixed in age with some Catholic background, but also with some animistic background. I am leaning to using By This Name because of this background and because of the “religious” influence that may be lingering over their beliefs. What do you think? Any feedback is appreciated.


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