How do I get a friend to spend 16 hours in a Bible study?

AHEAAt the AHEA convention over the weekend, there was a gentleman who was keen on the Worldview Rethink curriculum. He had a friend in mind who knew nothing about the Bible. He was interested in how Worldview Rethink takes a creation to Christ approach to lay down biblical foundations.

“This sounds like a long study,” he said. “How much time would I need to teach a friend?”

“Between 12 to 16 hours,” we told him. “Think of it as several evenings after supper where you sit around the dining table.”

“How do I get an unbelieving friend to spend 16 hours on a Bible study?” he asked.

“Here’s something you can try,” we told him. “Say to your friend: ‘The Bible is the world’s bestseller. It has a lot to say about life, and death and life after death. It makes sense to invest a little time to find out what the Bible says. Would you invest 16 hours in me and let me take you through the Bible so you can know what it has to say for yourself? My desire is to make its message clear to you. My goal is understanding. What you choose to believe after we’ve finished is up to you. I only want to present the Bible clearly so you can understand. Would you let me have 16 hours of your time?'”

The man at our booth beamed. “All right! Make it happen!” He left with the curriculum and the determination to guide a friend through the gospel message.

That’s what we at GoodSeed strive to do: provide tools and training for believers to be able to share the good news with friends and family.


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