Real Places. Real History. You can know it’s true.

Fresh off a 3-week study trip in Israel and Jordan, we want to share some insights in the coming weeks to encourage you and strengthen your confidence in the Bible.

Increasingly, those who believe the Bible is true are subject to much mockery. Arnold Toynbee, an English historian in the mid-1900s, described those who accepted the Old Testament as reliable as people who “set a religious premium on an obstinate stupidity.” 1 His opinion continues to be popular, despite numerous discoveries that authenticate the Bible’s message.

But Bible-believers have every reason for confidence! As American archaeologist, Nelson Glueck, once stated: “It may be stated categorically that no archaeological discovery has ever controverted a Biblical reference.” (Rivers in the Desert: A History of the Negev, 1959, p. 31)

Author John Cross states: “Though still prone to individual interpretation, whenever the shovel has gone into the ground, what has been uncovered has over and over again authenticated the reliability of the Bible’s message.” (No Ordinary Book, 2019, p. 19)

In the end, our trust in God and His Word is a matter of faith and should not depend on historical proof. However, we can be strengthened in our faith to know that, however it is tested, the Bible is shown to be true.

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