Is this what Easter is all about?

For most people, the above image represents the essence of Easter—eggs, bunnies and chocolate. Perhaps this year, you can help those around you understand the true meaning behind Easter. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Children can give booklets that explain the gospel to their friends and classmates, along with a sweet treat.
  • Offer a small booklet to friends on social media that explains the message of Easter, like one gentleman did.
  • Make gospel booklets available at the reception or waiting area of your business.
  • Gift a booklet or CD that shares the gospel, along with a sweet treat to your neighbours.

Consider sharing these:

Booklets to give away
GoodSeed has two booklets, ideal for giving away at Easter. What are Christmas & Easter all About? and The Story that Matters explain the Good News from creation to the cross and are priced to give away en masse. Many people are curious and open to learning more.

Radio Theatre Sale
When you purchase 10 or more copies of the No Ordinary Story Radio Theatre from our North American store, you will receive more than 70% off the base price from now until March 17.

Free 7-minute Easter presentation.
This animated, poetic story follows two disciples whose despair turns to joy upon understanding the incredible message of the resurrection. This video is available to use for FREE, in your church or to share on social media. Click on the video link below to watch and download.

Alive with a Roar from GoodSeed on Vimeo.