Practical steps to share your faith

In the last week, I have read two articles, one having to do with the dropout rate of young folk from attending church and the other on the fact that most church growth is by transfer rather than by conversion. These are not new trends.

Are we assuming our children will just “somehow” absorb the gospel message? Do we lack the know-how to lead them to Christ and ground them in the gospel? Do we even share the gospel with anyone?

Evangelism doesn’t seem to be a big priority in many churches. If you can find a Christian bookstore (many have closed), check out the evangelism shelf. It is quite small and stocked with material written for audiences 40 years ago. By contrast, check out the self-help section. It shows the priorities we have as a church.

GoodSeed has developed an easy-to-use evangelism curriculum that starts with simple steps and moves progressively to t he more complex. Designed for Sunday Schools or Small Groups, “TERM for small groups” will challenge your spiritual life with proven methodology right from the Word. Consider the first two modules:
Module A: Lord, how can I grow in faith when I am stuck? Seven 50-minute sessions that build confidence in the gospel to change lives, including your own.
Module B: Lord, how do I share my faith when I don’t know where to start? Five 50-minute sessions using a crawl-walk-run approach to sharing your faith.

If you wish to go deeper there are three more modules. Every lesson comes with full instructions: an intro, the video component, a time for discussion, a thing to do and a take-away to remember. Lessons include both a Facilitator’s Guide and Student Worksheets.  Learn more at