Preparing for Christmas

christmas-wreath-1Within a few short weeks, pine and holly will be adorning front steps, carols will be coming across the radio and plans for yearly family gatherings will be in full swing. Christmas is right around the corner.

Christmas is a great opportunity to share the good news of who Jesus is and what he accomplished on the cross. The story of the baby in the manger can be an open door to share the full story of his actual identity and purpose. Why not prepare yourself to share the gospel this Christmas with your family, friends and neighbours?

We have three resources that may help you:

  • The Lamb. Written for children, this hardcover, beautifully-illustrated book makes a perfect gift for families or a child you may know. It clearly and simply tells the Bible’s story from creation to the cross. Not only can you give away to your unsaved friends, you can also use it as part of your family’s Christmas celebrations by reading it together in the week preceding Christmas. It will add depth and meaning to the season. For more ideas of how you can use The Lamb in this way, check out Make the gospel story a Christmas tradition.
  • What are Christmas and Easter All About? This small, fully-illustrated booklet is perfect to give away during the weeks surrounding Christmas. Priced so that it can be given away in large numbers, this booklet is written in simple-to-understand English that even those with English with a second language can understand. Churches can present these booklets to visitors or they can be given out at concerts or church programs. You can also give the booklet like a gospel tract to family, friends and neighbours. For more ideas of how you can use Christmas and Easter at Christmas, check out Six ways to share the gospel during the Christmas season.

Many of our resources are available in multiple languages. If you know international students or refugees or have friends of a different ethnicity, you may want to check out our translation list. What better gift to give to your friend than the gospel in their own heart language!

We pray that you will have much joy in meditating on the awesome gift of salvation through Jesus Christ and sharing that joy with others in the weeks ahead.

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