Six ways to share the gospel during the Christmas season

What are Christmas and Easter All About? and The Story that Matters comparison
Christmas is fast approaching and many churches and believers are preparing not only to celebrate this special festival but to make full use of this natural opportunity to share the gospel message with the people in their lives and in their communities. Two resources that are very helpful during this season are What are Christmas and Easter All About? and its brand-new variant, The Story that Matters. This new booklet has the same text as Christmas and Easter but is in a smaller format, and with completely new line art. Now you have the choice of two booklets for your Christmas plans.

Here are six ways to make use of these resources.

1. Offer a booklet as a gift at Christmas concerts, performances or musicals

Many churches around the world reach out into their communities by presenting musical or drama performances. Some are simple carolling sessions; others are elaborate productions involving massive sets and large casts. Wouldn’t it be great, once the performances are over, for the audience to be able to return home and reflect on the good news of Jesus Christ? Offering them copies of What are Christmas and Easter All About? or The Story that Matters will allow them to read through the gospel message once more at their own pace. It will provide them an opportunity to come to a clear understanding of the central message of the Bible.

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2. Share a booklet with every home in the community

Because Christmas is a time for gift-giving, many churches and ministries organize gift bags for their communities. They gather clothes, toys, food and other thoughtful items for the homeless, low-income families or other groups. In addition, they also want to give the gift of the gospel. These slim booklets were created for these occasions. They slip easily into a gift bag but each one bears the life-giving message of the Bible. Recipients get a succinct overview of the good news within the pages.

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3. Give a booklet to every guest who visits your church

During this time of the year, more faces appear in churches. Church members bring visiting family and friends for services; people in the community participate in seasonal events; Sunday school and youth ministries organize special activities. For all of these reasons, we see a lot of new faces within the church! Rather than having these guests wander in and wander off without receiving a carefully presented gospel message, churches can have on hand copies of either booklet to give away. Have a stack ready at the visitor’s desk or in reception area. Greeters and event organizers can make it a point to put a copy in each guest’s hand so they can learn the true meaning of Christmas.

4. Send the gospel message along with your Christmas cards

We all have friends and loved ones in our lives who are not believers. As you prepare to send out your Christmas cards, how about also including a copy of What are Christmas and Easter All About? The booklet is lightweight and cheaper than a greeting card, yet it offers a clear explanation of the gospel from creation to the cross. Encourage your friends to take 45 minutes or so to learn about the Bible’s story of hope for all humankind. Let them know that, because this message has been so meaningful to you, you now want to share it with them because you care.

5. Give it to immigrant families and foreigners in your community

Most of us have neighbours, friends or co-workers from other countries. They may be a lonely international student, or a gas station attendant who greets people with a thick accent, or a co-worker just trying to make money to send home to his family. Christmas is a great time to connect with these folks in a meaningful way. As they may not have any idea what Christmas is all about, here is a great opportunity to invite them to share this special occasion with you so they can learn. And, the perfect gift for them is the gospel message. Since What are Christmas and Easter All About? is written in EasyEnglish and comes with full-colour illustrations, it will help them learn the good news of Jesus. You can even offer to read it with them and help explain any sections about which they are not clear.

6. Read the full story of Christmas on Christmas Day

Finally, on Christmas Day, when friends and extended family are gathered in your home, there is nothing more appropriate than reading the Christmas story. It’s meaningful to read aloud the Nativity story but that portion of Scripture only presents one part of the whole gospel message. In order to get the full picture, we need to go back to the start–back to Genesis–to provide the necessary background as to why Jesus came to earth as a baby. Why not gather several family members to do a reading of What are Christmas and Easter All About? Each reader can read aloud several pages of the book. This way, everyone’s hearts can be refreshed by the compelling message of the gospel. You may also want to provide all your guests with a copy of the booklet as a Christmas gift.

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Remember, as you consider your Christmas plans, you now have a choice of two resources to use. Both books have the same text but come with different artwork and titles. You may purchase these booklets individually, or to make it more affordable, you can also purchase them in packs of 10 and in cases of 100. Learn more or order copies for your Christmas:


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