Big plans for small towns in Alberta’s North

Giving the Gospel in northern communitiesOur curiosity got the better of us this week when an order came into our Canada office. The man wanted 2500 copies of the book, What are Christmas and Easter All About? We discovered that big plans are in motion to share the gospel with families of First Nation communities in Northern Alberta this Christmas.

“It actually started this past summer when we used The Lamb curriculum at camp,” said Peter Fehr on the phone yesterday. Peter works with Eagle’s Nest Ministry Center, an organization that hosts 500-600 children every year from over 20 First Nation communities in Northern Alberta and Northwest Territories. Peter went on to tell how the campers were enthralled with the colourful illustrations and how each lesson’s questions helped the staff make sure each child clearly understood the gospel message.

“Then every year, at the end of the summer after all the campers have gone home, we start getting ready for Christmas.” Peter went on to explain, “We fill around 2000 gift bags with candy, treats and sometimes winter mittens or hats. Then we have teams that travel to each community to reconnect with the children who were at camp. Often we get to meet the parents and have opportunities to share the gospel to entire families. This year we thought since the children benefited so much from using The Lamb at camp, and since the illustrations are the same as in Christmas & Easter, why not include a book in each gift bag.” Peter also said that because English is a second language for many of the families in First Nation communities, the simple format of the book made it easy for everyone to understand. “Oh, and we’re thankful, too, for the low cost! It’s a real help to our ministry because we want to be able to clearly share the gospel with as many families as possible.”

Please join us in prayer for the Eagle’s Nest Ministry and for those to whom they will share Jesus’ love this Christmas. It’s exciting to see GoodSeed resources being used exactly as they were intended.

If this story inspires you to be ready to give the gospel this Christmas, whether to friends and family or to entire neighbourhoods, GoodSeed carries a variety of tools that are perfect for sharing the good news as a gift.

Learn more about What are Christmas and Easter All About?


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