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Worldview Rethink

Recently, a pastor sent us an encouraging review of The Stranger Leader’s Guide found in the Worldview Rethink Curriculum Box. Our curriculum team was so encouraged by it and we wanted to share it.

I was originally introduced to the By This Name study a few years ago and my co-leader and I had the “fun” of creating all our own visual aids ourselves. We had our books that were highlighted and had notes scrawled in the margins to help us as we led the study. Those were the days my friend! Now GoodSeed has come out with a comprehensive leadership kit for The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus Study.

The Leader’s Guide leaves nothing to chance or error—everything is laid out clearly with icons in the margins to indicate showing a visual aid or playing a clip on the DVD. You do not have to be a rocket-scientist to be able to lead this study… just follow the step-by-step instructions and you will be leading your group in an exciting, life-changing Bible Study in no time flat! We’ve only completed the first week but everyone in the class is jazzed… through the word of mouth “buzz” we had another 10 or 12 people sign up to join us for our second class. The beauty of the new DVD interactive books is that people actually can jump in late and still have covered all the main points that are expounded upon in class. Great for shift workers too who often miss so much in a sequential study such as this one—now they can track with us even if they do have to miss an occasional session. I purchased an additional Leader’s Guide for my co-leader—it works perfectly at keeping us “on the same page”. Thank you for this fabulous resource!

We’re glad that people have found the Worldview Rethink curriculum easy to use. As we like to say, if you can read, you can lead!

The Worldview Rethink Curriculum Box comes with:

  • Leader’s Guide and Interactive DVD
  • a copy of The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus – Interactive Edition for the student
  • Two copies of The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus Companion Workbooks
  • Resource CD with printable visual aids and promotion materials to help you get the word out
  • Training DVDs
  • Highlighter

See the curriculum and the visual aid sets.



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