Holidays, festivities and vacations: great opportunities to share the good news

The Story that Matters SleevesWith the year-end holidays coming soon, many believers around the world are getting ready for different celebrations: Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving and other celebrations. These festivities are with extended family, friends, neighbours and more.

Then there are others who will be doing some travelling. They will meet new people, make friends and have interesting conversations.

As believers, we are on the look out for God-given opportunities to share the good news. And sharing not by barrelling through the message, but with gentleness and respect. One non-threatening way is by giving away a book to let the other person take the time to investigate the gospel message in privacy and in his or her own pace.

Our new booklet entitled, The Story that Matters, was designed to be given away. It shares the same text with What are Christmas and Easter All About? but with a more perennial title and expressive line art.

And to help believers give it away easily, we’ve created book sleeves that have messages on them. These sleeves wrap around the booklet to create a nice gift presentation. Print out the sleeve that suits your occasion and wrap the booklet with it. Then at a natural point in your festivities or conversations, you can give away the booklet.

For example, for party guests, you can wrap the booklet with a sleeve that says: “Thank you for celebrating with us!

Or if you’re having a Thanksgiving dinner, you can have a stack of booklets for your guests with the sleeve that says: “Thanksgiving’s supreme reason.

Thanksgiving Sleeve for The Story that Matters
Thanksgiving Sleeve for The Story that Matters

If you’re travelling, you can wrap several books in advance with the sleeve that says: “Enjoy your flight.” Or if you’re thanking the service staff at the hotel, you can use the sleeve that says: “Thank you for your service!

In our experience, offering a booklet on such occasions generally results in the person accepting the booklet. Then it’s time to pray that the recipient will read the succinct gospel presentation and either want to learn more or come to understand who Jesus is and what he accomplished on the cross.

Learn more about The Story that Matters and the sleeves that you can print and use. >>

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