A musician, a Christmas concert and a little book

Guitar player

Pete* is a professional musician. He shared a story with us, a story that demonstrates God’s wonderful grace through the body of Christ. The story is centered on a Christmas concert at a small prairie town and the small GoodSeed book entitled, What are Christmas and Easter all About?

Pete told us of a family he had come to know just up the street from him, how he was often invited to their home for coffee. During these visits, he would play songs and sing for this young family. They all loved to hear the music and Pete too was enjoying his new friends. Pete soon came to realize this family’s worldview embraced postmodern ideas.

It was getting close to Christmas and a small church in a town just up the road had asked Pete if he would perform at a Christmas concert. He agreed to do it and decided to invite his new friends to the concert. To his delight, they agreed to come.

When the concert was over, each child and adult received a copy of What are Christmas and Easter All About? Pete’s friends took the copies offered to them. He didn’t hear from them for several weeks but then he was invited over to their home once more for coffee.

Upon arriving, the conversation soon centered on the concert and more specifically, the little book they had received. The father told Pete that all of them had read the book more than once. For them, the book rang with truth and they were questioning their worldview. Pete was excited. His friends were coming to an understanding of the biblical worldview all because of a simply presented story about Christmas and Easter from a little brown book.

(*Name changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

Photo credit: “Play” by QUOI Media Group is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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