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Sharing you story

One of the things that encourages us to cultivate a lifelong lifestyle of evangelism is to hear stories and testimonies from others who have shared the gospel. It really renews our spirits to hear of someone coming to a good understanding gospel.

Do you have a story of giving away one of GoodSeed’s tools and then seeing someone put their trust in Jesus? Or have you led a GoodSeed course or a study and seen a friend’s eyes light up with understanding? If so, we would love to hear from you.

Please tell us your story or testimony in the comment box below to encourage others to keep on sharing or giving the gospel. By the way, we’re assuming you won’t mind us writing a fuller article based on your story to post on our site. (If not, let us know in your note.)

We thank you!
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  1. Pete was brought to our church by a family member who said that he (Pete) had become a christian. After getting to know Pete it turns out that he didn’t know what to believed. So a month later, I took him through the ” Stranger ” DVD series. He had many questions about God, and why would such a loving God allow some tragedies that had taken place in his family.
    I asked him to write his questions down and leave them in the clothes basket till the end of the study.
    After the lessons of the fall of Adam and Eve, he said to me, now I see why people die. Its because of our sinfulness. You see, he was struggling with the tragic death of one of his parents and a brother.
    We finished the study in a few weeks, and we did not see him any more. We didn’t know where he stood. But we prayed consistantly that his faith would be in Jesus.
    Two months later he contacted me and said that he is trusting in Jesus as his Savior and he wants to study the bible with me and learn how to tell others.

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