The book that dropped

The book that dropped from the bookshelf

Sam* and Nick* are brothers. Sam is a believer but Nick was ardently opposed to talking about religion. Because Sam loved his brother, he never stopped trying to give Nick the gospel. When Sam came across By This Name, he was excited and got a copy for Nick and urged his brother to read it. Nick took the book but put it aside.

Some time later, Nick suffered a workplace injury and was forced to recuperate at home. He spent the first few days sitting on the couch, watching one mindless television show after another. It wasn’t too long before he felt himself going mad from too much TV. He reached for the remote, flicked off the TV, and scanned the bookshelf for something interesting to read. A book caught Nick’s eye and he reached up for it but in the process, he knocked over another book. Glancing down, he saw the title: By This Name. He picked it up, flicked through it, then sat down on the couch to read… and read… and read. He finished the book and became a believer!

How amazing that God would move circumstances so that reluctant Nick would be placed into a situation where he could have uninterrupted time to read! And thank God for a brother like Sam who never gave up.

(*Name changed as per GoodSeed policy.)



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