It’s a shame I didn’t understand as a teenager. I might not have rebelled.

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We received a note from Jane* about her sister. This is her note:

Recently my sister, Sue,* has been inquisitive about God and the Bible. I suggested that she read, The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus. She told me she couldn’t put it down! She wrote me an email and I was so moved and thankful in my heart for God’s working in her life. Here is what my sister wrote:

“I read chap 7 and 8 today in THE STRANGER. (Note: Chapter 8 is on the Ten Commandments.) First of all, let me say it is a shame I didn’t understand any of these stories more when I was a teenager, I might not of been so rebellious… Yes, I know that to follow God’s commandments is His law. So I tried to follow them. I believed that I was to observe these, not swear, go to church, get baptized, tithe, etc… and this [would] be a way I can get to Heaven… BUT as I find out, I have been thinking all wrong… that the deeds we do can’t restore our relationship [with] God. I never thought of it that way. We can’t get rid of sin… SOOOOOO, now my question: If we are “helpless sinners” what am I supposed to do, or what does God tell us to do as to when the day of judgment comes? Not sure if I asked that quite right. Well, if I read on I might find out my own answer to the question above. I will let you know.

luv, sue”

That was some weeks ago. I am rejoicing to tell you that Sue has committed her life to Christ, as have her daughters, who are in process of reading and listening to The Lamb.

Her reading of The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus clarified so many myths she had from our childhood religious upbringing. Sue often comments about how amazed she is that she experienced 12 years of parochial schooling and seems to really know very little Truth about who God is and how He has worked in history for His purpose of saving us. — Jane.

We rejoice with Sue that she now understands the gospel and is freed from having to work for her salvation. What we can learn from her testimony is that it is critical for believing parents to teach the gospel correctly to their children. If we personally take the time to make sure our children have a correct understanding of the gospel, it could save them from turning their backs on God or walking away from the church. We are so glad that Sue’s daughters are being grounded in the Good News.

  • If you’re a parent seeking to teach your grade-school aged children the gospel message, we recommend using the Worldview Rethink curriculum with its visual aids and lead a family Bible study.
  • If you have younger children, you can read The Lamb to them and use the questions in the book for review.
  • If you have teenage children, you can either guide them through a Worldview Rethink course using the option of By This Name.

(* Names changed as per GoodSeed policy.)


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