Chocolate and Crosses and Eggs and Tombs. What is this Easter thing?

Giveaway in school

Easter is coming round the corner and the stores are stocking candies and toys for this holiday. If a person who doesn’t know anything about the Bible looked at what was in the stores, what do you think he or she will conclude about Easter?

Easter is a natural time to share with friends and family who Jesus is and what he did here on earth. It’s an opportunity to share the gospel.

One boy took the opportunity to hand out copies of What are Christmas and Easter all about? to his classmates. In eighty pages, the book explains in easy English and with full-colour illustrations what Easter is all about by giving an overview of the gospel message. His classmates were happy to take the book and read through it.

We heard of a man who also took the opportunity and posted a message on Facebook, offering any of his friends a free copy of “What are Christmas and Easter all about?” Colleagues came up to him and he handed each one a copy of the book. He even sent a PDF copy to a friend living overseas who responded to his Facebook post.

This coming Easter, why not take the opportunity to cut through the clutter of bunnies and baskets and egg hunts to provide your friends with a good overview of the gospel message.


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