We do love our interns… seriously we do.

Interns at GoodSeed
Interns at GoodSeed tend to “photo bomb” and eat all the food. But they also roll up their sleeves and get involved in producing tools that will be used around the world to teach a clear gospel.

Are you looking for a chance to gain practical ministry experience? Do you know someone who is interested in interning at a ministry? Here at GoodSeed, we’re always on the lookout for people who are keen on stretching their skills.

An internship at GoodSeed involves an exchange. You assist us in the ministry; we assist you with hands-on training in a job and one-on-one guidance in spiritual growth and Bible study.

We are looking for interns with the following skill sets:

  • Fine artist
  • Desktop publishing artist
  • Web, UX or Interaction design
  • Video production and editing
  • Computer animation
  • Marketing and Social Media (assistant)

Learn more about working at GoodSeed.

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