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In the tiny city-state of Singapore, there are many foreign nationals who go there to find work. They are employed as domestic helpers, construction workers, service staff and more. For churches in Singapore, they see that the “foreign mission field” has arrived at their doorsteps. These churches organize activities and programs to cater to the needs of these foreign nationals. They also conduct Bible studies and help to explain the gospel. Here is a story from Jessica,* a Bible study leader, who learned that there was more that God could do with these migrant workers.

In Singapore, where domestic helpers are quite common, honestly, I thought little of their potential as fellow believers. One Sunday, while I was teaching a Bible lesson with them, I asked where Eiko* [one of the ladies] was. They told she had returned to the north Philippines to be a missionary! I must admit I was surprised and a bit chastened… “Why not?” a small voice said.

So I vowed that whatever I taught, I would challenge them to teach someone else! We had a great time with the book What are Christmas and Easter all About? I taught it over three weeks, with visual aids and with acting out the familiar stories (Peter walking on water is great fun). When we came to the nativity, I darkened the room and they had the “bright” idea to shine the light from their cell phone screens on the nativity picture as the star! Then we sang “Silent night, holy night” Well… it was if the angels were with us in the room!

They were impressed that the shepherds, who were the first to visit Jesus, were the ones looking after the lambs for sacrifice… Jonas*, one of the male members of the class and a leader in his church returned to Manila, with The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus and fresh ideas to share What are Christmas and Easter are all About?!

Another student, Bernadette*, declared, “THIS is what I am going to teach in the village I visit the next time I go back.” Each of the students in the group bought their own copy of the book.

Seeing the enthusiasm of Jonas, Bernadette and the others, I have learned my lesson. Don’t underestimate the impact of the “strangers at our doorstep”. They could just be the next missionaries!


We couldn’t agree more! Whenever we use a GoodSeed tool to guide another person through the gospel, not only is he learning the gospel, but he is learning how to teach it to the next person. Never underestimate what God can do when we are faithful in sharing the gospel!

* Names have been changed.

Ladies from the Filipino study

One of the guys in the Bible study

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