What’s good follow-up material for “The Lamb”?

The Lamb, DVD edition and audio edition

We received a question from a father who had just read The Lamb to his eight-year-old daughter.

I just wanted to thank you for The Lamb. I have recently read it with my eight-year-old over several weeks and during our conversations she came to
 trust on Jesus as her Savior. Love the book. I had a question about any next 
step overview of the Bible-type resources you might have. Thanks.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for your email, it is so encouraging to hear that your daughter now 
understands the gospel clearly and is trusting in Jesus as her Saviour! As for follow up, we recommend going through The Stranger on the Road to 
Emmaus, from which The Lamb has been based. The Stranger is not specifically written for
 children, but you can read along and explain the story and see how well your daughter follows along. You could do this as part of family devotions or a family Bible study.

We also 
have a videobook edition and an interactive edition of The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus. Both these editions include DVDs, with the author teaching and using a lot of visual aids to explain the material. You can switch between reading and watching a video together. As an additional note, The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus is one of the three options as a coursebook for the Worldview Rethink curriculum. Worldview Rethink features leader’s guides and also has three sets of visual aids that are used in teaching. Perhaps your daughter might enjoy learning with the help of the visual aids too.

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