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This is a recent testimony from James and Kate* in the UK. Both of them had just started a Worldview Rethink course with a couple who had recently moved into town. Joining them was Pamela*, who had attended a Worldview Rethink workshop last October. Pamela had joined in to learn how the course was conducted.

James and Kate used the Leader’s Guide and simply followed the curriculum and took turns to read aloud. They also got the couple to answer the questions in the workbook to check that they were understanding what was being taught. James and Kate were excited with such an ideal situation. For one thing, it was easy to use the Leader’s Guide to lead unbelievers through the Good News. At the same time, a keen believer like Pamela was being equipped to guide a course in the process. “A very duplicatable process,” quipped James.

After one such session, James, Kate and Pamela were walking home. Pamela said she was impressed by how well the new couple grasped what was being taught. Another thing that impressed Pamela was how James and Kate didn’t go down rabbit trails. They simply stayed true to the course and things just fell into place.

James and Kate are thrilled to have Pamela see Worldview Rethink in action and even play a role in leading the course. Both of them know that it wouldn’t be too long before Pamela will teach it to someone.

We look forward to that day too!

(*Names changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

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