Four visits to the manicurist. Four books on the good news.

Photo credit: Hoa Dang on flickrWith willingness and a keenness to share the gospel whenever the opportunity arises, one can never tell how God will use a person to give away the Good News. Here are four consecutive visits to the manicurist that resulted in the good news being shared.

First visit
Last December, while Christina* was getting her nails done and having a chat at the salon, Christina’s manicurist wondered aloud what she should get for her seven-year-old son as a Christmas present. Ever alert for an opportunity, Christina asked if her son liked to read. The manicurist said yes and Christina went to her van and from her “Be Ready” box, pulled out a copy of The Lamb. She presented it to her manicurist as a gift for her son. On a subsequent visit, the manicurist reported that her son loved the book and got his father to read him the story every night.

Second visit
On this occasion, a second manicurist attends to Christina. This lady has two children aged eight and 10. Again, during the course of their conversation, Christina is prompted to ask if this second manicurist would like a book for her children. Manicurist #2 also says yes and when Christina went out to get a second copy of The Lamb, she followed Christina out to the van to get the book!

Third visit
The TV in the corner of the salon is showing the news. Christina and another customer are watching the disturbing report of someone who had been run over not once, but twice. The other customer comments, “What is this world coming to? There is just no hope.” Christina recognizes this as a cue. She goes out to her van and pulls out a copy of By This Name and upon returning to the salon, presents it to the other lady. She says, “This book has been so very helpful to me. I think it will give you hope. Would you like to read it?” She offers the book and the other lady is so appreciative. She takes the book home to read.

Fourth visit
When Christina goes for her fourth visit, a third manicurist attends to her. In the next chair, the Manicurist #2 starts to talk animatedly about The Lamb and how her two children are enjoying the book. She hints heavily to Christina to get another copy of the book for the children of Manicurist #3. Christina knows the cue very well by now and goes out to her van to get a third copy of the book and present it to Manicurist #3. That’s four visits and four gospel tools given away.

It’s amazing how God keeps prompting Christina to share the good news by giving away a book. It’s a good thing Christina was willing and prepared. Now she wonders what will happen on her next visit to get her nails done…

(* Name changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

Photo credit: Hoa Dang on flickr

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