I want the God that you preach to free me

French All that the Prophets have SpokenThrough connections that our ministry has with other organizations, we were able to send a quantity of All that the Prophets have Spoken in French to Africa. The books eventually made their way into the Congo and ended in the hands of a pastor who was involved in prisons’ ministry.

He led a Bible study in French with the inmates of a local prison. Each Sunday, an average of 44 prisoners gathered and the pastor taught through All that the Prophets have Spoken. These men, hearing the Good News were riveted.

The pastor summarized the impact the Good News has had on the inmates:

– Many of the prisoners who hear the Word of God put their trust in Jesus as their Saviour.

– Some of the prisoners could not get along with others because of their bad behaviour, but after hearing the Good News and believing, have changed. They are able to integrate back into their family, their community and their church.

– After the Bible lessons each Sunday, some prisoners ask for prayer for their liberation from prison and over the course of time, God answered their prayers. This increases their faith and they draw closer to God after their imprisonment.


And here are the translated words of the pastor:

After listening to the teaching, a prisoner gave me the charms that he kept in a box saying, ‘Pastor, here is my god that I have always used for my evil deeds. I want the God that you preach to free me.’ I had been praying for this man and when he handed me his charms, I immediately went to burn them.”

We are very thankful to God that our tools can go halfway round the world and help prison inmates come to a clear understanding of the Good News.


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