It’s so easy to share the Good News. Just give it away!

It's so easy to give away the Gospel!

It's so easy to give away the Gospel!

All believers are given the biblical mandate to live a lifelong lifestyle of being ready to share the Gospel at a moment’s notice. One of the easiest ways is to give a book, video or audiobook that explains the Gospel clearly and simply. Over the next few weeks, we would like to share a number of ideas on:

  • developing a lifestyle of Gospel sharing
  • arming ourselves with tools that help us share the Gospel
  • learning to recognise God-given opportunities to share his good news.
  • praticising what do I say when the opportunity arises
  • thinking about “giving away” as a personal evangelism ministry.

1. Are you ready to give the Good News? (Be Ready Boxes & Personal Distribution Points)

When God gives you opportunity, are you ready to give away the Good News? Giving doesn’t happen by accident. It starts with us cultivating a deliberate lifestyle of being ready. One of the ways to be ready is to prepare Personal Distribution Points and a Be Ready BoxLearn how to do it.

2. I gave a book. Did it have impact?

Does giving away a book make an impact? That’s a question many have asked when they passed a friend or acquaintance a book or a video. Read stories of people who received a GoodSeed book.

3. “This John 3:16 makes no sense to me…”

Sometimes we think that sharing key BIble verses is all it takes to explain the Good News. But what happens if your friend can’t even get past the word “God” because his worldview is so different? Read more on how to explain the gospel clearly.

4. Give away the Gospel during Lunar New Year!

Use special festivals and holidays as opportunities to give away the Good News. Find out how to share the Gospel with family and friends at Lunar New Year.

5. Children with a Passion for the Gospel

Even children can have a passion for sharing the Gospel with their friends. Learn how two children do just that.

6. Take a journey within a journey

When someone has a long journey or flight ahead of him or her, it’s the perfect opportunity to give him or her a book. Learn how to do it.

7. Ever consider your handyman?

God has placed you in a community of people providing services to you. They are you mission field. Learn how to give them the Gospel.

8. I wonder if I just wasted a bunch of money

What happens when you give away a book, audiobook or a video? What if the recipient didn’t read or listen? Would it have been worth the time and expense? Find out.

9. I thought I was ready but I wasn’t

While keeping an eye out for opportunities to give away the Gospel, you have to remember to have tools ready to give out. Read a story on someone who thought he was ready.

10. Excuse me Ambassador, someone wants to meet you

We are all given the biblical mandate to share the gospel. We are given the title of Ambassador and given a job description too. How then should we live?

11. Consider this your personal ministry

We may not all be called for foreign fields but we are missionaries right where we are in our communities. Learn how to prepare yourself to give the gospel or guide someone through a study.

12. Introducing the GoodSeed Tool Selector

Learn how to select the right tool to give to a friend or family member who is interested in learning about the gospel. Download and print out Tool Selector chart for your own use.

13. I don’t know what to say 

What do you say when an opportunity arises for you to give a book or offer to guide someone through the gospel? Learn and then practise these conversation scripts.



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