I gave a book. Did it have impact?

I gave a book. Did it have impact?

(This post is part of our “Give away the gospel” series.)

We’ve talked about “Personal Distribution Points” and “Be Ready Boxes” and living a lifestyle of just giving away gospel tools. But does it have impact? Here are several testimonies from people who received a GoodSeed tool.

My colleague of 20 years
Tony* had witnessed to his colleague at work for 20 years, but to no avail. He then decided to give him a copy of “The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus.” To Tony’s surprise, his colleague read it twice! Tony said his colleague could explain the Gospel back to him very clearly, from A to Z. Because they were at work with many people present, they decided to get together at a later date. When they met, the man again explained to Tony the whole Gospel very clearly. Tony said, “I’ll pray for you.” He replied, “Why?” Tony said, “Because now that you have the information, you need to make a decision” to which the man replied, “But it’s black and white, and I’m in the white! You can pray for my wife and children so that they too will understand.”

She said “Wow” every five minutes
“I just want to thank you for your prayers for Irina*. The Lord is doing something incredible in her heart! The book you gave her for Christmas—‘The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus’—she has read it in one weekend. She kept turning the pages and saying ‘wow’ every five minutes… This book totally changed her perception of the Bible… She can see how the Bible answers all the questions that we might have. Now she recommends the book to everyone, saying it should be a bestseller and that all her friends in Russia should read it. Moreover, she started reading the Bible as soon as she was through with this book!”

A brand new believer brings another
“As you know, our church has ordered almost 1000 copies of ‘The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus.’ People use them for witness and follow-up. Very helpful!  Recently a believer from our church led a young woman with cancer to the Lord. He then gave her a copy of ‘The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus’ for follow-up. She read it and passed it on to a visiting unsaved friend who read it all in one day and got saved. PTL! She said, ‘I never thought I could get my sins forgiven.’  She is planning to come out to our church soon.”

Passing it on and impacting lives
“I met you at your sister’s funeral as I knew your [other] sister. At that sad time for you and your family, you gave me a book ‘By This Name’ by John Cross. It was such a great book in that it was so easy to understand and the history of the Bible and its correlation to other related events was fantastic. I enjoyed the book so much that I passed it on to my nephew’s wife; she passed it on to her sister and [the passing on of it] is on going. I wanted to tell you this because it has such an impact on the people who passed it on. So thank you.”

Many of GoodSeed’s tools are designed for just “giving away” or passing on. They explain the message of the Bible clearly and simply in an objective manner. The three key books that you may find useful to have on hand to give away at a moment’s notice are:

(* All names changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

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