I don’t know what to say!

You spotted an opportunity to share the gospel. You have a book to give and you’re ready. But what do you say? How do you broach the topic? Learn what you can say in these situations.

I don't know what to say!

Paul said to Jill, the waitress for his table, “Thank you so much for taking care of me today. I’ve really enjoyed chatting with you and I’d like to thank you by giving you a book. It’s about the Bible and it explains it from A to Z in an objective, non-arm-twisting manner. It really helped me understand what the Bible is all about and I’d like you to have this copy.”

Jill took the book and broke into a wide smile, “Oh, what a surprise. Thank you! I’ll read this book!”

How do some people do that? That is, know the right words to say when wanting to give away the gospel? Even when we have made up our minds to be obedient to the biblical mandate to be ambassadors for Christ, even when we’ve prepared ourselves with a Be Ready Box full of tools to give away, and even if we recognize the opportunities that God has placed in front of us, we often hesitate because the overpowering thought that is running through our minds is, “I don’t know what to say!”

Here are some sample scripts to help you. Try them out; practice with a close friend; adapt them to suit your personality and situation. Ask God for help and then just speak.

Give Away Scenarios
When talking to a plumber or handyman or mechanic

“Thank you for coming by to help me fix the (washer, pipes, oven, etc.). I really appreciate it. Here is a token of my appreciation. It’s a book that I read that really helped me understand what the Bible is about. It explains in simple and clear language the main message of the Bible. I’d like to give this copy to you as a thank you. Enjoy it!”

When conversing with someone who has shared certain aspects of his worldview

(For example, if in the course of the conversation, he mentioned “religion,” “karma,” or “fate”) “You know when you were talking about religion (karma, etc.), I used to think that way too. I have found a book that really helped me understand things like that better. It’s actually a book about the Bible. I’d like to give it to you.” 

When conversing with someone on the plane, train or bus

“I’ve enjoyed our brief conversation. I’d like to give you something. This is a book that helped me understand the Bible’s message. It made sense—and whether one chooses to believe the Bible or not, it leaves that choice up to the reader. I’d like you to have it.  Enjoy!  Have a great flight (trip, day, weekend, etc.)!”

Knowing what to say helps calm our nerves and fear in passing out the gospel. But it is also helpful to remember two things: 1) we are representatives of the most important message in the world so we shouldn’t hold back, and 2) from most people’s experiences, it is very rare that the person to whom you want to give the gospel will outright reject you. Even if they did, do not let that discourage you. For every person that may reject you, others who took the tool might just have found eternal life through it. And for those who came to faith in Christ, this risk of rejection will be worth it.

Guide A Course Opportunities

Sometimes, God leads us into situations where a family member, a close friend or an acquaintance asks us about the ‘big’ questions in life: the ones pertaining to evil, how we got here, why we are here, or final-authority type of questions—why we believe what we believe, etc.

This is an opportunity to offer to guide that friend through a course that explains the Bible’s core message. You could say something like the following:

“Bill, you are asking some good questions. Actually, when it comes to the subject of worldviews, of life, death and life after death, the Bible has a lot to say.  It’s a big book!  But I’ve read it, even studied it.  And I found it answered most of my questions in a way that made sense!

I also enjoy teaching it as an objective overview.  The Course is called, ‘Worldview Rethink.’

What I like about the course is whether one chooses to believe the Bible or not, that decision is left with the student.  There’s no arm-twisting—it just lets the Bible speak for itself. 

Would you care to join me and my wife for several evenings and go through this course together?”

You’ve made the offer and your friend may jump at the chance or he will come back to you some time later and say yes. Whichever the response, it pays to be prepared. Train yourself first and then pray for God to bring people to you.


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