I thought I was ready, but I wasn’t

Photo credit: Bob Vonderau on flickr

(This post is part of our “Give away the gospel” series.)

One day during the course of his daily routine, Tim* came across a man along the street and they struck up a conversation. As they chatted, Tim learned that the man was “religious” and that he enjoyed reading books. A light went on in Tim’s mind—this man would be interested in reading a book about the Bible! Tim asked the homeless man to wait and hurried back to his car to get the copy of By This Name that he knew was on the back deck of the rear window. To his surprise, the book wasn’t there! Then he recalled that he had already given it away. Now he didn’t have anything to give to the man and the opportunity to share the Gospel with this homeless man was lost.

We think we can learn from Tim’s missed opportunity. Note to self: Check the car regularly and fill up with Gospel resources. Don’t leave home without a giveaway book!

We know of believers like Tim who are making it a lifelong lifestyle to look out for opportunities to give the Gospel in their day-to-day interactions. Keep a Be Ready Box (BRB) in your car, full of resources so you’ll always be ready.

(* All names changed as per GoodSeed policy.)


Photo credit: Bob Vonderau on flickr


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