One Pastor’s Vision

Worldview Rethink Course

We introduced our Worldview Rethink curriculum during our Open House in August last year. One of our guests was a pastor from a small town in Alberta, Canada. He caught a vision of how the Worldview Rethink curriculum could help his congregation be grounded in the Gospel. He gathered several sets of curriculum and called together a group of men from his church to form a Bible study group. Then he personally taught them through the curriculum.

When they were done, the pastor gave each of these men a set of the curriculum and asked them to guide their own small groups. When that’s done, each small group member will then invite both believing and unbelieving friends, neighbours and colleagues to a course too.

The pastor’s wife is doing the same with the women in the church. They hope every member of the church will be prepared to teach just one other person or a few people at a time so that all can get a clear understanding of the Gospel. It was exciting to hear this pastor share his plan to ground his church and reach the unbelievers in the community. This is one of the ways that the Worldview Rethink curriculum was designed to be used.


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