Mr. God does not like sin

Photo Credit: Michael Ocampo on Flickr

We received this wonderful little story of how a simple gift exchange resulted in someone understanding the gospel and putting their trust in Jesus Christ.

A couple had been teaching through the English edition of The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus with a young couple from China who were studying in the USA. When this young couple’s new baby was born, the grandparents came over from China to see them. This led to an opportunity to exchange gifts with the Bible study teacher—a set of nice chopsticks from China presented to the teacher, and a Chinese edition of “The Stranger” book to the grandfather.

Several weeks later they met again and the grandfather said, “I have been reading this book. I understand now that Mr. God does not like sin, and all man is very bad. But Jesus came and died for man’s sin. He died for MY sin!”

We may not have a chance to personally take everyone we know through the gospel message, but we can certainly do a small thing like giving the gift of a book and thus giving someone a clear gospel presentation.

Why not consider preparing the gift of the gospel for your Chinese friends this coming Chinese New Year? Learn how.


  • The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus (Simplified Chinese edition is used mainly by people in China, Singapore and elsewhere. The Traditional Chinese edition is used mainly by people in Taiwan and Hong Kong.)


Photo credit: Michael Ocampo on Flickr.

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