Are you ready to give the Good News?

t's so easy to share the Good News. Just give it away!

(This post is part of our “Give away the gospel” series.)

All believers are given the biblical mandate to live a lifelong lifestyle of being ready to share the Gospel at a moment’s notice. This sharing doesn’t happen by accident. It starts with us cultivating a deliberate lifestyle of being ready so that when God puts into our lives the opportunity to share, we won’t miss it!

Over the years, the GoodSeed staff members have found that giving a person a book, audiobook or DVD is the simplest way to give someone the Gospel. In under a minute, we can give someone a well-developed tool that will explain the Gospel, step-by-step, story-by-story, to a person with absolutely no understanding or knowledge of the Bible. Through giving away, we have seen so many people come to put their trust in Jesus Christ for their salvation. Being ready to give away a gospel tool requires some very simple planning: 1) Identifying your Personal Distribution Points and 2) Preparing a “Be Ready Box.”

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Mr. God does not like sin

Photo Credit: Michael Ocampo on Flickr

We received this wonderful little story of how a simple gift exchange resulted in someone understanding the gospel and putting their trust in Jesus Christ.

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Bless your Chinese friends this Chinese New Year

The Stranger on The Road to Emmaus and red packets

Chinese New Year begins on February 10. It’s less than a month away! Chinese in Australia, Canada, the US, Europe and of course, in every corner of Asia are getting ready to celebrate this major festival on the Lunar calendar. Even people in Vietnam and Korea are preparing for their Lunar New Year. One of our Chinese staff members shares the following idea of using this occasion to share the gospel:

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Peace on earth right on our doorstep

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starlit nightThe world has truly come to our doorstep. Whether we live in North America, Europe, Australia, or any other country, we likely eat Italian pizzas, Indian curries and Japanese sushi. We shop at late-night corner stores run by hard-working, Middle-Eastern families.  And, many of us work for or interact daily with businesses created by highly talented people who come from all corners of the globe.

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A prayer and a book for the neighborhood

Walk through the neighborhood

We were very encouraged when we opened a prayer letter from a missionary family and read the following testimony. We asked for permission to share it and our friends said to go ahead! So here it is:

Even though we adults in the house are not as thrilled by the things that surround Christmas, we’re beginning to see some opportunities that come with Christmas that do excite us! We’ve recently had it on our hearts to share about Jesus’ coming to the people closest to us—our neighbors. On a walk around the block, God gave us an idea to pray through our neighborhood and distribute a great little book called What are Christmas and Easter All About? published by GoodSeed. This is a quality, 80-page book that thoroughly explains the Gospel in a way that is easy to understand. We’ve also given these books out to about 100 international students last week at a Christmas banquet. If you’re interested in getting some to use for yourself, check out the GoodSeed website at If you order them by the case (100 copies) you can get them for $1 each—almost the price of a tract!

Thanks to our friends for letting us share their story. We pray that everyone who received a copy of the book will read and understand the life-saving message of the gospel.

Give the gospel. Then what?

Giving a Christmas giftFor the past few Christmases, many people have taken the opportunity to share the Gospel by giving friends, neighbours and co-workers copies of What are Christmas and Easter All About? Using “Easy-English,” this fully-illustrated booklet has been a real help in explaining the core message of the Bible to people with absolutely no Bible background.
Praise God for some of the stories we’ve heard of people who have believed the Gospel simply by reading this booklet. One family received it as a gift at a Christmas concert and it had a huge impact on them! (Read more about their story.)

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Christmas can be weird!

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Christmas decoration

“Christmas time can be weird! What other time of year do you sit in front of a dead tree in the living room and eat nuts and sweets out of your socks?” ~Unknown.(1)

How did all the holiday weirdness begin? Some point to the ancient Druids and their mysterious winter solstice rituals. Others insist it was the Romans who first decorated with evergreen boughs. There’s also debate between the Scandinavians and the Germans as to who first brought a mid-winter fir tree indoors. One legend tells of Martin Luther who on a snow-covered Christmas Eve around the year 1500, decorated a fir tree with candles and read the Christmas Story aloud to his children.

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The book that dropped

The book that dropped from the bookshelf

Sam* and Nick* are brothers. Sam is a believer but Nick was ardently opposed to talking about religion. Because Sam loved his brother, he never stopped trying to give Nick the gospel. When Sam came across By This Name, he was excited and got a copy for Nick and urged his brother to read it. Nick took the book but put it aside.

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A musician, a Christmas concert and a little book

Guitar player

Pete* is a professional musician. He shared a story with us, a story that demonstrates God’s wonderful grace through the body of Christ. The story is centered on a Christmas concert at a small prairie town and the small GoodSeed book entitled, What are Christmas and Easter all About?

Pete told us of a family he had come to know just up the street from him, how he was often invited to their home for coffee. During these visits, he would play songs and sing for this young family. They all loved to hear the music and Pete too was enjoying his new friends. Pete soon came to realize this family’s worldview embraced postmodern ideas.

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Ice man in Chiang Mai

Ice man in Chiang Mai
Ice man in Chiang Mai.

Our Thai brothers and sisters in Christ are continuing to give out copies of the Thai translation of By This Name to anyone who is interested. Near Chiang Mai University where the books were being handed out, a man who runs a little shop selling ice saw the book and was very keen to read it. He asked for and received a copy. Please pray he will read it through and understand the gospel.