Give the gospel. Then what?

Giving a Christmas giftFor the past few Christmases, many people have taken the opportunity to share the Gospel by giving friends, neighbours and co-workers copies of What are Christmas and Easter All About? Using “Easy-English,” this fully-illustrated booklet has been a real help in explaining the core message of the Bible to people with absolutely no Bible background.
Praise God for some of the stories we’ve heard of people who have believed the Gospel simply by reading this booklet. One family received it as a gift at a Christmas concert and it had a huge impact on them! (Read more about their story.)

We’ve also heard how recipients came back to the givers saying, “That book was really interesting… I never saw the Bible quite that way before. How can I learn more?”

Has that happened to you? What would you do if a friend asked you the same question? Can we suggest two options?

First, offer them another book with more information. GIVE them By This Name as a follow-up to What are Christmas and Easter All About? It provides more depth and answers questions that your friend might have.

Secondly, offer to GUIDE your friend through a 15 to 16-hour course that gives further foundations to understanding the Gospel clearly. Don’t worry if you’ve never guided a course before. The Worldview Rethink Leader’s Guide gives you step-by-step instructions. Learn more about guiding.

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