Prepare for Easter

Prepare for Easter

Easter is fast approaching! Once again, believers are taking this natural opportunity to share the true meaning of Easter with family, friends, co-workers and neighbours. Churches too are planning Easter events for the community.

What are Christmas and Easter All About? and The Lamb are two GoodSeed resources that work well during Easter. Believers and churches give away copies or put up readings or dramas based on these two books.

This year, you have additional resources on hand that you can use in your evangelism efforts. We now have:

The Story that Matters (in English)
The Story that Matters (English KJV edition)
The Story that Matters (French)

Used with its special Easter sleeves, you can pass them on to those who prefer expressive line art. We have seen churches pass out many hundreds of copies in their communities.

Ideas for Easter
Here are some stories and ideas that may help you be creative in sharing the precious gospel message during Easter.

More Resources for Easter

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