Church gives the gospel at Easter Parade

Boy watching a parade,The folks at Bethel Baptist Church of Parkersburg, West Virginia, are busy getting ready for the fifth annual Mid-Ohio Valley Easter Parade. Their float—a rolling visual aid complete with a cross, empty tomb, music speakers and Bible verse placards—is almost complete. Volunteers from the congregation plan to walk alongside to greet and pass out candy to the crowds of onlookers.

Last year Bethel Baptist ordered 300 of the booklets What are Christmas and Easter All About?  The problem, though, was that they ran out of them part way through the parade route. So, last week one of the pastors, Kevin Brosius, called the GoodSeed USA office to place an order for 1000 booklets. They’re determined not to be short this year!

It’s a joy to see churches making the most of every opportunity to share the gospel using What are Christmas and Easter All About? It’s a prime example of how this tool can be used.

Will you join us in praying for all the churches who will be sharing the gospel in their communities this Easter?

There is still time to order What are Christmas and Easter All About? for your church. Details about the booklet and order links are found HERE >> 

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