Bringing the gospel to restricted access countries

In many places around the world, people do not have the freedom to investigate the Bible, nor do they have the liberty to decide for themselves whether to believe or reject its message.

Sixty percent of the tools that GoodSeed is developing are meant for people living in such countries where they are not allowed freedom of thought or religion.

On a recent trip to Israel, John Cross stood at the border overlooking the Valley of Tears and reflected on this challenge. See John’s video below:

We invite you to help us so that the gospel might flow freely into the regions of the world where it is not welcome.

You can help by…

Praying: Teams of translators and coordinators are working together to make new GoodSeed tools available. Please pray for God’s guidance and wisdom as they collaborate. Pray also for the people who risk their lives in distributing Bibles, our tools and other Christian materials. Read our blog for prayer updates. Invite others to share in prayer as well.

Giving: Those who have a part in making our resources require the use of appropriate facilities. Right now, we are trusting the Lord to help us expand our office and warehouse space at the international office in Alberta, Canada. Your gift towards this building project will enable us to further the reach of the gospel. Learn more and donate »

Joining: We are a fellowship of believers and we can always use some extra help! God might have youor someone you knowfill a role as a volunteer, an intern, or as a full-time missionary. Learn about the opportunities of working with GoodSeed »

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