How do I share the meaning of Easter?

What are Christmas and Easter All About?GoodSeed is all about equipping the body of Christ with the tools to be effective ambassadors. We are very glad when believers write to tell us how they’ve been using our resources to share the gospel message. Recently, Abby* wrote us the following email:

“I have taught the amazing The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus study numerous times since Sept 11, 2001. I have purchased multiple books, workbooks and the audio/visual aids. At this time, I have the opportunity to share the Easter message in a corporate office to a large group of financial investors! I would like permission to duplicate portions of your book, primarily Chapter 13, to distribute to these men and women in advance. Prayerfully, this will lead to an invitation to share the entire study with this group at a further date.Thank you for this consideration. I will wait for your most expedient reply.

When we read her message, it was clear to us that for Abby, sharing the gospel was not a fad, but a lifelong lifestyle. We wrote back to her, proposing to her that instead of handing the group photocopied sheets of paper, there was a better way to present them the Easter message and invite them for a bigger study. We told her about The Story that Matters and What are Christmas and Easter All About? We explained how in 45 minutes she could read aloud either booklet and lead the group through the gospel using the historical narrative. She could then provide each of them with a booklet and follow up with an invitation to do a Worldview Rethink course.

Abby was thrilled with the idea. She wrote back to say: “So happy to hear of this resource! I was concerned but KNEW God would give me the details as to “how” to use The Stranger! Praise Him again!”

She promptly order two packs of The Story that Matters for her group. We pray that the Lord will open the doors and allow her to follow up with a study.

The Story that Matters with Easter sleeve

(*Name changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

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