Don’t stop Easter (Part 1)

Four friendsThe Easter season is a time when the “Christian community” commemorates the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Friends and family show natural interest in the gospel. Churches take the opportunity to reach out to the community. But why limit it to just one weekend? Don’t lose the momentum. This Good News should be shared throughout the year.

A couple of weeks before this Easter season, a group of four women took a flight to another country and spent time teaching teachers how to reach their students with the Good News. What they did will help to spread the Gospel year-round to students who have not heard the message before. Here is their story.

While chaperoning a Girls’ Brigade trip in Southeast Asia, Wendy* met Judi,* a local pastor’s wife. They got to talking and Judi asked Wendy to come back to train the teachers in a private school on how to share the Good News using The Lamb. Wendy agreed and she and three friends flew back some time later to teach. Judi arranged for the four to teach at the usual Friday morning teacher’s training sessions. Wendy taught the Good News by using The Lamb. She used the PowerPoint slides and the visual aids from Worldview Rethink. Wendy simply brought the teachers through the story. Then there was hands-on time with colouring pages featuring artwork from The Lamb and also some instruction on the use of visual aids in teaching the Good News.

The local teachers were inspired! One said, “This is a non-threatening way of sharing the message with all our students from different faiths… the pictures and skits made it interactive and fun! (One of Wendy’s favourite is acting out Peter walking on water) These lessons our students will enjoy. Thank you for coming!”

There wasn’t enough time to let the local teachers practice the story and colour all the pictures so Judi decided she will do it over the next few weeks during the Teacher Training time. She was very grateful for this resource. So effective, fun, and transferable in any culture.

Wendy reflected on this experience. “I like to think how far and fast this story can spread. It is already in the hands of local, native language speakers who love Jesus. And all it took was a weekend away with friends to a nearby country to tell one story.” Yes, the most important story!

(*Names changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

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