Don’t stop Easter (Part 2)

Hair SalonWe mentioned yesterday how the Easter season is natural opportunity to share the gospel. We shared a story of how four women went out of their way to make the Easter season last all year by training teachers to share the Good News. Today, we have a story of a lady who recently understood the Good News and is already using natural opportunities in her daily life to pass on the gospel.

I consider myself a “quiet witness.” I try to mention Jesus here and there in everyday conversations. This past year, with four deaths in my family—one of them my twenty-year old cousin—I’ve had opportunities to tell how my trust in Jesus held me together when my world felt like it was falling apart.

One of those opportunities was with Phyllis,* my petite and beautiful hair stylist. Because I rarely go to the salon, it was a challenge to know where she “stood.” The last time I had an appointment at the salon, I was praying for a good opportunity all the way there. Before getting out of the car, I glanced at the stack of “By This Name” books on the back seat and I paused and thought, “I wonder if I should take one in with me to give to Phyllis.  They’re kind of big… what if it’s awkward…  what if she doesn’t want it… what if I come across too ‘hard’… No, I’ll just leave it in the car.” 

So I went in for my appointment empty-handed.

It was a slow morning at the salon, and there was virtually no one else there besides the two of us. Before long Phyllis began sharing some of her struggles. And I kid you not—we ended up talking about Jesus the WHOLE time! Come to find out, she is a brand-new believer, but she didn’t have much support or growth. She asked me many basic questions about God and the Bible. That is when I said,

“Phyllis, I have a book in my car that I SHOULD have brought in with me… I think you’ll really enjoy it as it has answers to all these questions you are asking me.”

She was so excited and asked me again before I left to please bring a copy of By This Name in to her. She couldn’t wait to read it! And so, in my excitement, I went back out to my car, got a book, gave it to Phyllis, and quickly made a follow up appointment (for much sooner than usual!) so that we could talk about what she read. I drove home thanking God for the opportunity.

For the next few weeks, I prayed earnestly for Phyllis, that she would find time to read By This Name, and that she would find answers to her questions.  Finally the day of my next hair appointment arrived and I was eager to reconnect with her.

This time, to my delight, Phyllis was just beaming! She told me how helpful the book was and we had the most amazing time as she talked all about the things she now understands about Jesus! She had already passed the book on to another one of her clients with whom she wanted to share the gospel.  Phyllis is now a tiny little lady who is on fire for the Lord!

Once again I left the salon thanking God for using me to help Phyllis. This time I prayed, “God, next time I’ll be ready, AND obedient, when you prompt me to bring a book along instead of leaving it in the car!”

(*Name changed as per GoodSeed policy)

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Photo credit: Xperia2day on flickr.