Sharing the gospel at Easter

goodseed-books-easterEaster is an open door to engage with the people around you, often resulting in giving a book or even guiding a study. This next month may hold opportunities for you to share the gospel with your boss… or your brother… or the neighbour who has gone through cancer this year… or the jogger who passes you every day on your morning walk.

For many people, Easter simply equals chocolate and bunnies. But there are those who are curious about the season and its significance. There are also those who still make their traditional visits to church on Easter Sunday. Often, people are more willing to hear about the death and resurrection of Jesus at this time of year. Therefore, as believers, let us proactively create opportunities to share the real meaning and significance of Easter this season.

Here are four simple ideas to share the gospel this Easter:

1. Giveaways

Have a stash of booklets ready in your car or bag, ready for the moment of opportunity. It may start with something as simple as a question to your cashier after you casually discuss the Easter egg display behind her: “Have you ever wondered about the real significance behind Easter?” Here is a good time to offer a booklet like What are Christmas and Easter All About? or The Story that Matters.

2. Special gifts

Present a copy of The Lamb as a special Easter gift to a family with children. Or you could give it to a child you care for, and then offer to read it to him or her as part of the daily routine during the weeks before and after Easter.

3. Workplace displays

There is also the option of having a stack of What are Christmas and Easter All About? in the reception area or waiting room of your business. Offer them free of charge to customers. You may also consider making it into a display, with a banner “What is Easter about?” above the attractively arranged stacks.

4. Church initiatives

Churches often take advantage of this time of year to share the gospel, whether it is handing out booklets, putting on dramas based on The Lamb or The Story that Matters, offering Worldview Rethink studies or reading The Lamb at children’s times during Sunday morning services.

Community Easter egg hunts can also easily include booklets with the chocolates. One church handed out hundreds of copies of What are Christmas and Easter All About? at an Easter parade.

As ambassadors of the gospel, we have an incredible opportunity at Easter to share the good news of Jesus. We want to encourage you to become excited and actively prepare to make the most of this natural opportunity.

Ask God for creativity for your unique situation. Here are a few stories that may help get you started:


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