Risen: a springboard to the gospel

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It is not unusual to see accounts from the Bible make it to the silver screen. Even if the films are not biblically accurate, they are good conversation starters that allow us to share what the Bible really does say. It is an opportunity for us to share the message of the gospel.

This year is the release of Risen. It tells the story of Christ’s resurrection from the perspective of a Roman soldier. Rather than throwing doubt onto the biblical account, Risen supports it. It presents Jesus as the Messiah sent by Yahweh, the God of the Hebrews. While one can appreciate how the story is crafted, the movie doesn’t explain why Jesus died and rose again. And so here is a good opportunity to take the conversation further with your unsaved friends who have seen the film.

By This Name is a book that is able to answer the question: “What are the cross and the tomb all about?” Consider giving copies to your friends and those who are curious about what the Bible says about Jesus. Offer to read the book together or have them read several chapters and then get together with them to discuss it.

If your friend is hesitant about reading a book of that length, then consider smaller resources like What are Christmas and Easter All About? and The Story that Matters. Another option is to direct them to our online Bible course, available for free on our website.

Remember, with any of these options, don’t forget to follow up with them and have that conversation about Jesus and what he accomplished on the cross. As ambassadors we ought to “make the most of every opportunity” (Colossians 4:5 NIV).

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