Video: God’s justice and love

Is God a God of justice? Or is he a God of love? Many people think that he is one or the other, assuming that justice and love are contradictory, but as this clip from By This Name reveals, this is not the case.

“Both qualities of his character are equal: God is not more loving than he is just. Since YAHWEH always acts in a way that is consistent with his perfect nature, he will always express both attributes equally.”

By This Name, Page 89

By This Name has a video component consisting of 66 clips in which author John R. Cross teaches key concepts during the chronological journey through the Bible. These short video clips include visual aids (like the Tabernacle, Passover, altar, etc.) to help bring clarity to the story. They also take the viewers to key sites in Israel, Egypt and Jordan to provide historical and geographical context. We present a selection of these video clips. All of them are included with By This Name, either on DVD or accessible online.


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