Video: The production of “No Ordinary Story”

Music resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds. No Ordinary Story is the gospel message, told through music and drama in a fresh, compelling and objective way. The vision for this musical is to share the gospel message with music lovers and those who prefer not to read. We are excited at how far we have come in this project: the script, the scores and the backing music tracks have all been completed.

We are now planning to record the soloists and the choir. This will then be mixed with the backing tracks. We will also be recording the voice actors for the audio drama. When completed, we will be able to release both the audio drama album and the performance package.

We are trusting the Lord to provide the talent and the funds needed to complete the project. Pray with us as we continue on this journey. We are eager to put both the performance package and the audio drama CD into the hands of those waiting to share the gospel through a unique musical experience.

Learn more about No Ordinary Story or how to donate to its development.

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