I finally understand! I believe what you are saying!

Ice shanty for ice fishing

This past summer, Richard* accepted a call to pastor a church in the US Northeast. As he began his new ministry, one of his areas of responsibility concerned the selection of Sunday school materials. As he thought about what would be most helpful for his congregation, he pulled out his copy of What’s in a Name? This DVD lecture (which is part of the Ambassador Series) focuses on the issue of clearly explaining who Jesus is and what he accomplished on the cross. A person needs to both understand who Jesus is (his identity) and the significance of his life, death and resurrection (his history) if he is to come to faith in Christ.

Richard assembled a teaching outline based on the DVD and taught it. Afterwards, a young man came up and asked to speak to him. It was the second time that Leonard* was visiting the church. Invited into the pastor’s office, the young father gushed, “I finally understand! I believe what you are saying!” Quizzed on what he understood, Leonard was able to clearly explain back to Richard the essence of the gospel. Leonard went on to say that he wanted to turn from his sin and follow Christ. Richard was very encouraged by his response to the message of the gospel.

Some time later, the two men went ice fishing. As they enjoyed great fellowship throughout the day, they spent most of their time talking about the Bible. Leonard asked if there was something available to help him gain a better understanding of God’s Word. Richard directed him to GoodSeed’s online video course called “Learn about the Bible.” Leonard was excited to learn of this opportunity and was eager to start watching.

Richard wrote us to thank us for making these resources available. In fact, Richard has gone on to share the video course with another new believer who was also eager to learn and grow. We’re glad that our tools are not only helping him explain the gospel more clearly but are also enabling new believers to study their Bibles and to get to know God better.

(*Names changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

Ice fishing shanty” by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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