Special sleeves for “The Story that Matters”

Many of us desire to reach out to acquaintances with the gospel, but struggle to know exactly how to do it. Many of GoodSeed’s materials are ideal for people in just such a situation, equipping individuals with tools they can simply give away like a large gospel tract.

One such tool is our most recent booklet entitled The Story that Matters. Small, affordably priced and illustrated with modern, expressive line art, this sixty-four page book is an excellent tool to hand out to those you meet on the street or en masse to large groups.

We have heard from individuals and churches who have given away this booklet at graduations, baby showers, weddings, anniversary celebrations, housewarming parties, special events and more. Others have found it the ideal book to give to their hairdresser, mechanic or the salesman at the door.

As folks have looked for more creative avenues to share the gospel, GoodSeed has produced book sleeves that wrap around The Story that Matters to enhance its appeal as a gift.

For example, at a birthday or celebration, you can wrap the book with the sleeve that reads: “Thank you for celebrating with us!” Or at the funeral of a loved one, you can have a stack of books wrapped in the sleeve that reads: “The anchor of our hope and peace.”

These and others sleeves help make it easy to leave someone with a clear explanation of the gospel. Check our site to see the wide variety of sleeves you can download to print off yourself. As you look over the options, we hope you will also be made aware of even more avenues for sharing the gospel.

Also check out these new variants for The Story that Matters:

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