Boy puts his faith in Christ after reading “The Lamb”

Boy, woman read The Lamb

Recently, we heard from Wesley* on our Facebook page about a story unfolding in his church.

He’d been approached by a lady in his church who was concerned for her grandchildren. Wesley described GoodSeed’s book, The Lamb, to her and the woman immediately requested four books. When she received them, she gave the books to her grandchildren and waited to hear their response.

The mother of one of these grandchildren began reading The Lamb to her son each night before bed. The father, an unbeliever, would be sitting across the room, listening in.

Wesley gladly shared with us the result: “I wanted to let the brethren at GoodSeed know about a young boy who just the other night put his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ after reading through The Lamb with his mom.”

A few months later, Wesley wrote this wonderful update: “The father/husband mentioned above has been born again by God’s grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He continues to come to the meetings and is getting ready to begin studying through The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus with another gentleman from our meeting who is discipling him. Thank you for your prayers and for the materials you’ve made available.

“Over the months we were able to watch the father become concerned with his need of salvation as he, an unbeliever, faithfully came to the meetings on Sundays. He was saved by God’s grace through faith.” He went on to express his conviction that The Lamb was one of two key resources used of the Lord to open the man’s understanding.

“My deep appreciation to the GoodSeed staff for making such materials/resources available for the church to use.”

(*Name changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

Photo Credit: TJ, GoodSeed staff member

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