May 2015 TERM Seminars in Ireland

Coffeeshop studyThe updated TERM Seminars are going to Ireland! Our ministry parter, BES (Bible Educational Services), has helped to secure five locations and dates across the island.

These TERM Seminars cover Modules A and B only and will give believers and church leaders time to rethink evangelism efforts in the context of today’s modern, ever-changing world of increasing biblical illiteracy.

A whole generation of people are growing up not having read the Bible and do not know even the most basic knowledge of God and Jesus Christ. Sharing the gospel with them can be confusing and frustrating. Is there a biblical model we can follow?

Modules A and B will present the issues and then turn to Scripture for the model on how to address the biblically illiterate, the confused, the hardened and the skeptical. Join us for one of these TERM Seminars. If you are a church leader or are in charge of evangelism, the TERM Seminar will help provide guidance on training your congregation to be effective ambassadors for Christ.

Learn more about Modules A and B.


Five dynamic sessions on how to approach evangelism in today’s modern world. Some questions we will address:

  • What does Humpty Dumpty have to do with changing a person’s deeply-held beliefs?
  • When it comes to evangelism and discipleship I have some personal concerns. When faced with fear, uncertainty and lack of knowledge, how do I build confidence?
  • What does the Bible say is necessary before people will trust us? Trust God?
  • What guidance does the Bible give on how I should share the gospel with the biblically illiterate? The confused? Those hardened to the Bible?
  • What value does the inherent architecture of the Bible have to do with sharing the gospel? Does it really matter?
  • What practical suggestions can you give me for those “spur of the moment” opportunities to share the gospel?

As we grapple with these issues and more, you will learn a biblical approach to sharing the gospel message that has proven effective in many diverse settings.


Five confidence-building sessions on fostering a lifestyle where sharing the gospel becomes an integral part of who we are as ambassadors.

  • I don’t want to come across as “preachy.” How can I communicate the gospel in a way that is engaging, accurate and without arm-twisting?
  • We all like stories. But how would I use this approach in presenting the gospel?
  • What irreducible minimums of the gospel must I bear in mind when explaining the good news of Jesus Christ?
  • When sharing the gospel, should I focus on faith or understanding? Why?
  • Using a “crawl, walk, run” paradigm, where can I start in presenting the gospel?

These sessions will take you beyond just talking to sharing.

Five seminars available:

  • Dublin (1 day seminar) 5 May 2015
  • Kilkenny (2 evening seminar) 6-7 May 2015
  • Cork (1 day seminar) 9 May 2015
  • Enniskillen (2 evening seminar) 11-12 May 2015
  • Belfast (2 evening seminar) 13-14 May 2015

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As someone who has been sharing the gospel with others for most of my life, this is the very best and most potentially blessed, effective “method” I have ever seen. I am eager to begin. During the entire seminar, God has been pouring through my heart and mind, names and faces of people with whom He wants me to share his truths. But more importantly, by doing so, they will in turn not only believe in Him, but also share with others. – J. K.

It has put all the pieces together and answered the many questions I had. Thank you very, very much! This has truly been life changing! – L. M.

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