The idea of teaching the gospel chronologically seems to make a lot of sense, but you don't really know how it works. When used, what impact has this method had? How does it help people in their understanding of the gospel?

Only recently has the chronological approach to teaching started to be talked about and used more extensively. More people are becoming aware of this method, however there are not many resources that explain or model it.

Imagine how helpful it would be if you could actually see the way this method of teaching has impacted people; if you could observe how it has worked and see what has happened as a result of using it; if you could see how it has affected people's understanding of the message of salvation.

The story of the Taliabo people gives you a taste of chronological teaching. Centered on a remote island of Indonesia, the story of the Taliabo is the story of a people whose lives were filled with fear. Their greatest search was for the key to free them from the one thing they feared most—death. Theirs was a search for eternal life.

Part One, "The Taliabo Story," tells how they found new life, while Part Two, "Delivered from the Power of Darkness," portrays the powerful story of how they gained victory over the demonic forces that governed their lives. While you learn about teaching the gospel from creation to Christ, you will also gain a biblical perspective on spiritual warfare.









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The architecture of Scripture is different than any other “sacred” body of literature. Embedded in the very fabric of the Bible is a self-authenticating system that builds a powerful case for the truthfulness of the Word of God.

When people understand that the Bible can be trusted, they will more likely desire to investigate what it has to say about life, death and life after death.

This DVD explores that architecture and explains how Bible believers can confront both a skeptical world and a questioning church with confidence.

This DVD is part of The Ambassador Bundle.

A worldview is like a pair of eyeglasses with which we view the world. It is what we believe about the way the world works, about questions of right and wrong, and life and death. Our worldview affects the decisions we make and the way we live.

This DVD explores the biblical worldview. It defines powerful keys inherent in Scripture that can help us unlock the Bible’s message. These keys are useful in setting the Bible in the right context.

The DVD covers the following topics in four sessions of 40 minutes each:

●  Worldview Dynamics

●  The Power of the Biblical Narrative

●  The Power of Visual Aids

●  The Power of Prophetic History

This DVD is part of the Ambassador Bundle.

Ambassador Series

Our culture is immersed in postmodern, secular thinking. People believe that truth is relative—“you have your truth and I have mine”— and that God is a universal force. Add to this the growing trend of biblical illiteracy and you end up with very real obstacles to explaining the gospel message to a friend.


Previous methods of evangelism are not working well. Believers are grasping for ways to communicate the message of the Bible clearly. What can we do?


The Ambassador Series investigates these issues as they relate to the message and method taught and used by Jesus on the road to Emmaus.


It is appropriate for Bible believers, small groups, home studies, pastors, leaders in evangelism and missions, Christian schools and Bible students.


This 114-page book takes a look at problems we face in communicating the gospel in today's culture, including issues like:

●  Syncretism

●  Being too brief

●  Assuming too much of your listener

●  Not covering the essentials of the gospel

It explores how to communicate a clear gospel:

●  Introducing the four irreducible minimums of the gospel

●  Striving for clarity and understanding

●  Using the architecture of Scripture to convince and bring clarity

●  Teaching key Old Testament stories to provide context and background for understanding the New Testament.

The second half of the book looks into tools that are effective in explaining the gospel. Also included are sections about common blunders made with these tools as well as ideas of how to use them effectively.

This book is part of the Ambassador Bundle, but it can also be purchased individually.

Have you been noticing a shift in our culture and are you struggling to know how to share the gospel with this new generation? You want to teach the Bible, but when people don't even understand who God is, where do you begin?

Maybe you've seen a change in the Christian church as postmodernism begins to affect the way we think. Previous methods of evangelism seem to be falling flat and people are becoming more and more illiterate concerning the Bible. You know there's a problem but you can't pinpoint exactly what it is or how to solve it.

Don't you wish something had already been done to identify just what the problem is? Even better, if there was already an answer for how to fix it? Just think how much more effective you could be in sharing the gospel if you knew what tools might help to correct the problem and even more so if you were taught how to use those tools!



And Beginning with Moses

As believers, we hope to persuade people to put their trust in Jesus Christ. But how can people do that when they do not know who Jesus is? Was he just a good man? An ascended master? One of the prophets, or a god? Are we asking people to trust a stranger?

This 60-minute DVD explores the question: “How can we clearly communicate the identity and work of Jesus to a world that does not know him?”

We see how Scripture starts by establishing the identity of Jesus and then goes on to explain what Jesus did. Only when that is clearly established is the question asked: “Do you trust him?”

Learn for yourself why it is important to have a good understanding of the identity and work of Jesus in explaining the gospel.

This DVD is part of the Ambassador Bundle.

What's in a Name?


●  A book and three DVD lectures covering a total of 4 hours 40 minutes DVD time. Each lecture is 40 or 60 minutes long.

●  Can be used as a series or individually.


●  Three docudramas and a book featuring real-life experiences of missionaries teaching the gospel.

●  Students learn the lessons from the story and see how the principles can be applied to any believer anywhere.




Flying Truth in Formation

Unlocking the

Biblical Worldview

In-ká-hai is the true-life story of Pete and Leah Humphreys, who spent 17 years working in the arid Chaco region of Paraguay. They were Bible teachers to the Manjúi. These tribal people had no knowledge of the Bible and were steeped in their traditional beliefs.

Despite being very careful to teach the Bible clearly, the Humphreys encountered problems. The Manjúi put on a veneer of Christianity, but underneath they clung to their animistic beliefs. They were mixing two belief systems together. What could Pete and Leah do? The Manjúis’ eventual trust in Jesus is an exciting story of front line ministry in action.

Learn what the Humphreys did to overcome the challenges, and more importantly, see how it is applicable to ordinary believers anywhere in the world today.

Includes a six-session study guide based on lessons drawn from the story:

●  The importance of credibility in sharing the gospel

●  What needs to be considered when sharing the gospel with the biblically illiterate

●  How a person who is not a gifted communicator can share the gospel

●  The question of those who say they are saved but don’t act like it

●  The problem of syncretism and how to address it




In-ká-hai: How Sweet It Is!


And Beginning with Moses

49 pages.


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Ambassador Bundle

Series Structure:

The series first:

●  identifies problems faced in communicating the gospel.

●  confronts issues that confuse the message.

Then it explores:

●  the architecture of the Bible itself to see how God put the message together.

●  how Jesus communicated the gospel message.

Finally, the series concludes by:

●  highlighting several effective, biblical and clear ways to explain the gospel to people who know little or nothing about the Bible.

Written for Bible believers, the Ambassador Series set contains the following resources:

And Beginning with Moses Book

What’s in a Name? DVD

Flying Truth in Formation DVD

Unlocking the Biblical Worldview DVD


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Series Components:

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The Next Chapter

Ee-Taow! has been viewed by people all across the globe. It shows the remarkable impact of teaching the gospel in a chronological manner, starting at creation and moving sequentially through the Bible to the cross.

Filmed on location, this classic video tells the story of the Mouk people from the remotest jungles of Papua New Guinea.

Part One, "The Mouk Story," gives a picture of the dark and hard way of life in which these people had lived for centuries. It was unknown how they would respond to the gospel. This part shows the effect of three months of teaching through the Bible chronologically and vividly portrays the people's response to the final explanation of the gospel.

Part Two, "The Next Chapter," continues their story as they move from a history of murderous sorcery and deceit to a discovery of God's love and to becoming a people who took their new faith seriously.

Be challenged and encouraged as you watch this true story of how a chronological teaching of the gospel transformed an entire tribe!



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Watch Online

Watch Online

The Taliabo Story &

Delivered from the Power

 of Darkness

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Now We See Clearly

Now We See Clearly provides an excellent overview of what worldview evangelism is all about. The Puinaves of Colombia had been taught the gospel, but not in their first language. They had been playing at church for the past 30 years since having received the way of salvation, but although they said they believed, something seemed to be missing in their understanding.

Now they were being taught the Bible chronologically in their own language. Would it affect their understanding? How would they respond to the gospel? This 30-minute DVD demonstrates through the story of the Puinaves what has made the chronological approach so effective in giving people a clear understanding of the gospel.

Watch the story of the Puinaves and learn more about worldview evangelism!

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Ambassador Bundle

Case Studies

Enlightening, Fresh, Practical

Great guide for teachers planning to do lead a study.  It clearly explains both the problem as well as the unique solution with practical how-to’s all along the way.

sjhumph August 25, 2009


In-ká-hai captured the minds of my children

Our family has really enjoyed reading In-ka-hai! I have read it to the family, one chapter at each sitting. We finished the epilogue tonight and we will go through the study questions the remainder of this week. It is a wonderful book that has captured the minds of my children. You can ask them a Manjúi word like “noki-wota” and they will tell you that the word means “honey.” Or “in-ka-hai” means “how sweet it is.” Pretty cool, eh? I am considering doing a book review at church to give others the idea of using it for family devotions. Thank you for the book!

Howard* November, 2013


In-ká-hai captured the minds of my children

Our family has really enjoyed reading In-ka-hai! I have read it to the family, one chapter at each sitting. We finished the epilogue tonight and we will go through the study questions the remainder of this week. It is a wonderful book that has captured the minds of my children. You can ask them a Manjúi word like “noki-wota” and they will tell you that the word means “honey.” Or “in-ka-hai” means “how sweet it is.” Pretty cool, eh? I am considering doing a book review at church to give others the idea of using it for family devotions. Thank you for the book!

Howard* November, 2013

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Download the fact sheet

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And Beginning with Moses

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