What is TERM?

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What is TERM? Watch the two-minute preview video to find out.

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You gotta do it again. You’re not saved

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Brad Powell struggled for many years to understand what salvation meant. He grew up in a religious family whose faith was based on fear. They were focused on doing the ‘right’ things and doing their best to avoid the ‘wrong’ things. Every day, he feared he wasn’t good enough to be accepted by God.

Brad’s family firmly believed that baptism was necessary for salvation. As Brad’s father baptized him, the pastor stopped them and said, “You gotta do it again. You didn’t go all the way under the water.” Hearing this crushed Brad’s heart. He was never certain of his salvation.

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TERM Seminar: I saw her worldview!

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Term Seminar in IrelandDuring the month of May, John Cross and team had six one-day or two-evening TERM Seminars in the UK and Ireland. It was a wonderful time of teaching, learning, fellowship and encouraging each other to be faithful ambassadors for Christ. The vision for TERM is to train believers to be confident sharers of the gospel message and to help them “make the most of every opportunity” (Colossians 4:6 NIV).

One participant, has been putting her training into practice. She wrote to tell us about her first sharing experience after TERM:

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Attend a TERM Seminar in one of six US locations this fall

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Coffee shop study

John Cross and the GoodSeed teaching team will be conducting one-day TERM Seminars in the USA this fall. Partnering with different churches and ministries, the seminars will be held in Idaho, Pennsylvania, Iowa, California and Wisconsin.

GoodSeed’s TERM Seminars are a time to stop and rethink our approach to evangelism and discipleship in today’s ever-changing world. As believers, how do we engage with our friends, neighbors, co-workers and loved ones and share the gospel message with them? TERM takes the time to look into Scripture to see what it has to say about sharing the good news in today’s world.

If you are keen to get fresh wind in your evangelism sails or if you are in charge of evangelism, outreach or discipleship at your church, then sign up for one of the TERM Seminars near you.

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Ambassadors, ready to share

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The Alberta TERM Seminar concluded on Saturday with many of the participants ready and eager to seek opportunities to share the gospel with the people in their lives. After seeing how easy it is to give away a book or video that explains the gospel, and after experiencing how to lead a course with the Worldview Rethink curriculum, the seminar participants left equipped with tools and training. Most of all, they were filled with new excitement about the power of the gospel to change lives. We pray the Lord will let them cross paths with others who want to learn about the core message of the Bible.

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A time to rethink evangelism and discipleship

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The TERM Seminar in Olds, Alberta, Canada is on. We had participants from near and far coming for a concentrated time of learning about evangelism and discipleship in the context of today’s world of shifting culture and increasing biblical illiteracy. GoodSeed staff weren’t the only ways sharing their experiences in explaining the gospel; the participants were also encouraged to share how they’ve been sharing the good news as well. There is a spectrum of people at this seminar: from ordinary believers, pastors, missionaries and other ministry workers. All are gathered to refresh their hearts on the gospel and to learn how GoodSeed tools can help them be more effective in sharing the good news.

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A taste of TERM

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Here is a 16-minute preview of the TERM Seminar.

Registration is open for the TERM Seminars in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Cardiff. There are a total of six seminars in May 2015. The seminars are either one day in length or spread over two evenings.

TERM is helpful for:

  • the individual who knows he or she should be sharing the gospel but doesn’t know how.
  • the church seeking a way to train its congregation so that all its members can be ready to share the gospel at all times.

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TERM Alumni sharing the good news

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TERM Alumni sharingOur first TERM Seminar for the year is coming up in Olds, Alberta, Canada on Mar 26-28, 2015. The seminar is designed to help believers rethink how they conduct evangelism in an ever-changing world of shifting values and ideologies. Many believers are reluctant to share the good news because they don’t know what to say.

TERM is a time to look into Scripture for a model and an outline on how to share the gospel. The sessions are packed with hands-on time so that participants gain practical experience.

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May 2015 TERM Seminars in Ireland

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Coffeeshop studyThe updated TERM Seminars are going to Ireland! Our ministry parter, BES (Bible Educational Services), has helped to secure five locations and dates across the island.

These TERM Seminars cover Modules A and B only and will give believers and church leaders time to rethink evangelism efforts in the context of today’s modern, ever-changing world of increasing biblical illiteracy.

A whole generation of people are growing up not having read the Bible and do not know even the most basic knowledge of God and Jesus Christ. Sharing the gospel with them can be confusing and frustrating. Is there a biblical model we can follow?

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2015 TERM Seminar in Alberta, Canada

TERM Seminar: Visual AIds

In an ever-changing world filled with different worldviews and competing ideologies, how can we share the good news of Jesus Christ in a way that doesn’t confuse the message or make assumptions of our audience? Does the Bible have anything to say to address a world of people who are indifferent or worse–cold–towards its message of hope?

The GoodSeed TERM™ Seminar is a time to stop and rethink evangelism in the context of our diverse world. This seminar takes participants into Scripture to see what it has to say about evangelism methodology. In the process, there springs to light an approach that Jesus used on the road to Emmaus. The architecture of “The Emmaus Road Message” (TERM) has proven effective–whether we are engaging the confused, the seeker or the hardened.

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