TERM Seminar: I saw her worldview!

Term Seminar in IrelandDuring the month of May, John Cross and team had six one-day or two-evening TERM Seminars in the UK and Ireland. It was a wonderful time of teaching, learning, fellowship and encouraging each other to be faithful ambassadors for Christ. The vision for TERM is to train believers to be confident sharers of the gospel message and to help them “make the most of every opportunity” (Colossians 4:6 NIV).

One participant, has been putting her training into practice. She wrote to tell us about her first sharing experience after TERM:

Thank you for coming to Ireland and doing the TERM Seminar. It was a most informative and helpful day and you certainly communicated the message extremely well. It did give a lot of food for thought and a new perspective on evangelism.


“You may be interested to know that yesterday, I was in the grocery store and was telling the lady there that my mother had died earlier this year. She said she was sure that my mother was in a ‘better place’ because she reckoned she was a ‘good person.’ I immediately thought, ‘that’s a worldview right there.’ So I told her that really wasn’t what it was all about. Rather, it had to do with putting our trust in Jesus Christ. Then, realising that the lady at the grocery store may not have understood, I went on to explain that my mother had believed that Jesus had died for her sins. That is why we knew she would be in Heaven after death. I know it’s just a small thing and I didn’t say very much or explain too clearly, but I thought you might be interested to know that my view of evangelising was altered by what I had learned at the seminar. I had prayed that morning for opportunities to witness and the Lord brought two people my way!”

We are very encouraged to see that she is now actively seeking opportunities to share the precious gospel message. We pray that all the participants of TERM Seminars will likewise make evangelism a lifelong lifestyle. That is the goal of TERM: to help believers rethink their approach to evangelism and discipleship and equip them with resources they can use to share the gospel message clearly and objectively.

Have you checked out TERM Seminar fall schedule for USA? Do consider joining us for a time to learn how we can share the gospel with today’s world. Check the schedule.