Getting ready for our first public performance of “No Ordinary Story”

No Ordinary Story choir presentation

We are grateful for the partnership of a local church in presenting two performances of No Ordinary Story in the coming weeks. While the choir, soloists and actors are excited to share the gospel message in song and story, we are excited about the possibility of performing the musical in front of the public for the first time.

The creative team has poured hours into the music, lyrics and scores. They’ve also spent time crafting of the story that ties all the songs together. They’ve prepared the slides, the sound effects and are working on the staging. We’re praying it all works out well. The aim is to have a package that churches of all sizes can take and perform anywhere in the world.

We’re seeking feedback from the audience that will help us improve the musical. These performances will help us push this project one step closer to completion. We look forward to them!

Listen to some of the music from No Ordinary Story.

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