“No Ordinary Story” in no ordinary church

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The musical committee at GoodSeed has been working on No Ordinary Story for more than four years. Today, the scores have been written, the script is ready and a demo CD has been produced. We are now at the live testing stage.

A church that has been wanting to share the gospel message with its congregation in a fresh way has pulled together a group of singers and actors for two performances aimed for this summer. We are excited to be able to gain more valuable feedback as we refine the musical for release.

Pray for the church as rehearsals continue and for the GoodSeed staff helping to put together this performance. The Lord willing, this musical will be a very useful tool for churches who want to use music and dramatic storytelling to invite people who have never heard the gospel message before to come spend an evening being engaged in the old, old story of God reaching down to man to provide a means for reconciliation and a relationship.

In the meantime, here are two songs from the No Ordinary Story for you to listen to.

Tell us what you think of the songs in the comments below.

If your church is interested in performing the musical, please do email us. We can share with you the script, scores and full demo CD.

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