It changed the way I look at the Bible

Linda grew up with the Bible and knew the stories well. But when she attended a GoodSeed course, her understanding was transformed. Watch her testimony.

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Our marriage was saved by the Good News

Rob and Janette (Photo:
Rob and Janette (Photo:

Editor’s note: The following post is the testimony of Rob and Janette and how getting a clear understanding of the gospel saved their marriage.

Rob and I were married in October 2003. We had dated for almost two years before we took this step. Our dating years had quite a few rocky moments, but we were young and in love and went ahead with getting married. We were both Christians, but certainly not living like it. We had met during college, both of us quite heavily involved in the party scene. We didn’t have as much time for partying once we got married and were both working full-time, in fact, we didn’t have much time for each other either. In our first year of marriage, we literally passed each other in the hallway as one of us was coming home and the other was headed to work. So as a result, we did not fight a lot in the first year.

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They didn’t waste a moment

Term Seminar
Leading a TERM Seminar. (GoodSeed File photo.)

Recently, a GoodSeed team travelled to a country that is hostile to the Bible. There, they conducted a TERM Seminar. The participants were pastors and believers who had a desire to share the Good News with others. As they were taught step-by-step, the participants caught on very quickly on how they could teach as they were taught. Here are some quick testimonies from the participants.

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Seminars and Workshops: Manchester, Grande Prairie and Olds

Worldview Rethink Course Demonstration

Any regular believer can guide a friend accurately and clearly through the gospel. There is no need to be theologically trained, a good orator or even an experienced Bible study leader.

This three-day seminar is designed to train participants how to conduct worldview evangelism with anyone they may know. The approach to learning is “as you are taught, so you will teach,” meaning the participants will experience an entire overview of the Bible’s message while learning how to teach it themselves.

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This is what I’m going to do!

Idaho Worldview Rethink Workshop

The team just completed two Worldview Rethink Workshops in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene. As one of our staff members mentioned, the best word to sum up the workshops was “motivational.” More than just providing good knowledge and solid Bible teaching, the workshops encouraged participants to start sharing the gospel, whether it’s leading a study or simply giving a book to a friend. Many participants came up to us to say, “This is what I’m going to do!”

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Reflections from the U.K.

Bridge over a stream

Last month a team of seven GoodSeed staff completed a 19-day ministry trip to the United Kingdom and Ireland. It was a field test, or soft launch of sorts, introducing Worldview Rethink. (What exactly is Worldview Rethink? Here’s a short video (4 mins) explaining it:

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