They didn’t waste a moment

Term Seminar
Leading a TERM Seminar. (GoodSeed File photo.)

Recently, a GoodSeed team travelled to a country that is hostile to the Bible. There, they conducted a TERM Seminar. The participants were pastors and believers who had a desire to share the Good News with others. As they were taught step-by-step, the participants caught on very quickly on how they could teach as they were taught. Here are some quick testimonies from the participants.

I am now reading the All that the Prophets Have Spoken together with a brother, subject by subject and we are answering the questions and being very encouraged. May the LORD bless you, your family, and your ministries. We thank you [for teaching us]. — D

I wanted to give a report from [our town]. My wife has been studying with three ladies from our church. They are going through the book. We are continuing to be blessed by your ministry here. We wanted you to know and wish you peace. — Pastor H.

Sharing the gospel by depending on the Old Testament has been useful. [The locals here] have especially been very interested in the subject of creation. — T

It is very easy to approach difficult people with the content in this translated edition of All that the Prophets Have Spoken. — Local evangelist M.

These participants came to a seminar, caught the vision, and wasted no time in going out to teach their friends and family a clear Gospel. They saw how it was done and knew they could do it too. So they didn’t waste a moment!



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